What is DiSC

What is DiSC? Everything You Need To Know [2021]

DiSC is an acronym used for describing four major personality traits that are Dominance (D), influence(I), Steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C). The DiSC model helps in understanding people around you better, which is also an essential, part of human life. We all have gone through the pain of misunderstanding people as per their appearance and work routine, but are we on the right track till now? Do we really know how to connect with people around us correctly? If you can relate, then come with us to the journey of understanding people better through DiSC.


DiSC model was first introduced by Hippocrates (460-370 BC). He bought this idea by depicting different types of people on the basis of elements like Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. The idea of Hippocrates remained a little unclear for some time because he claimed external environmental factors the potential reasons for falling into these behavioral markers.

Later, he redefined this idea by mentioning internal factors a yet another potential reason. He named this theory 4 temperaments (Choleric, Sanguine, Phlegmatic, and Melancholic). This theory is redefined by many including Galen, William Moulton Marston, Carl Jung & Myers-Briggs. Carl Jung, in 1921 proposed the theory that these traits are in fact internal. His personality test was named MBTI and includes personality traits such as thinking, feeling, and institution. This idea met its end goal in 1940.

DiSC came into existence with Walter Clark took the idea from William Moulton Marston theory and developed the first DISC personality profile we are using to this date.

What are the main pointers you can focus on DiSC model?

Now you know that there is a personality check model, but do you know what are the targets you can focus on before going for a check? Don’t worry, we have sorted that part for you. These are the three main points that need your attention:

Understand yourself- This is the most important aspect for every human being. Most probably you yourself is not understanding your personality traits correctly and that is becoming a hindrance for you to get to know others. Some of the factors that are the part of your personality traits are behaviors, reactions, work environment, and people around you and these elements are indeed helping in carving your personality.

Understand others- Now comes the second step, understand others. The main target behind understanding others is cultivating better relationships. By knowing others better, you can help yourself in maintaining a desirable work environment and add value to their lives.

Work on communication- Working on communication skills is the most important part, whether you are trying to understand yourself or others. You have to work on hurdles that are not allowing you to reach out to the point of healthy conversations. The more you work on communication, the more you start to notice the positive change in understanding everyone.

How DiSC assessment can help you to build a burgeoning work environment?

DiSC® Everything offers a set of tools for examining dimensions and traits of your personality. This test does not measure the mental traits or intelligence which includes aptitude, mental health, or values etc. They examine the behavioral traits which includes your reaction to certain situations for example How you respond to problems? How do you play a part in influencing others? How do you respond to orders or rules? DiSC is basically a tool for dialogue, not a diagnosis of overall behavior. In this assessment, you are going to go through a set of questions that are set to analyze you are preferred go-to plans for any particular situation. Let’s give you a clear idea of the categories:

  • D– It stands for dominance and measures the traits such as high confidence, Determined, Quality work-driven, strong-willed person.
  • Di- It refers to the traits such as active, fast-paced, dynamic, bold as well as adventurous.
  • I- People good at these traits are no doubt everyone’s favorite already. This category measures interactive, influencing, optimistic, inspiring, enthusiastic, lively, and talkative.
  • iS- This category measures agreeable, trustful, Happy, cheerful, and caring traits.
  • S- This category explores your gentle side that is why it measures traits like considerate, kind, steadfast, loyal, patient. Basically some of the traits that helps people inculcate a strong bond.
  • SC- This category further explores your gentle side with different measures moderate paced, careful, self-controlled, cautious, soft-spoken, as well as self-control.
  • C- Traits you notice in this category check on your plan to action side. This category includes analytical, systematic, careful, organized, conscientious, hardly express any emotions, and love to follow the right format to keep the plans organized and on time.
  • CD- A category that reanalyses the C part traits and measures questioning, skeptical, stubborn, doubtful, and critical traits.


This assessment gives a little peek through of how you can analyze people correctly by measuring their responses on different situations. However, this assessment is not used for putting people in any certain type of category. You are not putting them in a box or set ideal category in any way. Through these questions, you can find traits that define them more appropriately and make them unique in their own way. They can have a mix of everything, but there are chances that anyone category suits them more in comparison with others. When you know how to set boundaries, then you can move plans as smoothly as you want them to move earlier. There would be little to no chances that you don’t know how to react or keep things in control. Contact us for more information about DiSC: corinne@tweakhr.com.au

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