dynamics of strategic alignment

Why changing dynamics of strategic alignment is important for businesses to thrive?

In simple words, strategic alignment in business can be is a method of choosing the best possible way to align the market strategy. Moreover, companies have to mend their working procedures with appropriate planning to help the company to fulfill its long-term purposes more, certainly.

The more we talk about businesses, the more it gives the sense to keep productivity as a focus. Businesses or the corporate world live and die on three major points productivity, profit, and growth and that is why they face the need to work accordingly with the dynamic external environment factors.

These external factors hold the power to pose possible threats to the business. This is further divided into two sections, micro-environment, and macro environment. However, the macro-environment includes factors like suppliers, competitors, customers, etc. The micro-environment comprises factors like socio-cultural, political, legal, and global environment.

These factors are directly or indirectly responsible for affecting businesses in the long run. Therefore, the ignorance of putting appropriate efforts in eliminating external environment factors is becoming an elephant in the room with the arrival of a pandemic for the majority of businesses all over the world.


Why do you need a change in strategic alignment?


When we talk about productivity and tailoring strategic alignments then we are not only talking about working on your products and services reports. Also, keep this in mind how your business models, working process, strategies, and employees are impacting the overall results?


  • Unlocks your greatest resources- For every business, their workforce is the best resource that they can count on. That is why they also become one of the major aspects to work on while you’re keeping productivity in mind. Overall structural planning to make them proficient with working schedules while also guaranteeing them their work and personal life balance unlocks the opportunities to get better results in the longer run.


  • Provides stability and consistency- Stability and consistency are the two factors that need an eye for detail and systematic planning. Shifting from physical mode to virtual mode also allows the employees to engage more and broadens the opportunity of initiatives in teams than they could earlier. This ready to initiate power leaves a positive impact on their overall performance and builds a bridge for stability in performance and consistency in results.


  • Increase individual accountability- When we analyze, the main reasons behind the non-timely submission of work the main reasons were quite generic. They also correlate with the inconvenience employees face while physically traveling and working at a building every single day. These accountability rates have rapidly increased by 11% when they work with the convenience of their home and pre-planned tailored schedules.

How strategic alignment helps in adapting with employees


  • Allow them to polish their skills
  • Create a balance in managing day-to-day activities
  • Manage time systematically as per the schedules
  • Give them the freedom to work independently
  • Maintain consistency and accountability for actions
  • Allow them to manage time for fulfilling their individual interests.


How this alignment will help the businesses in the long run?


  • Gives a better opportunity to attain favorable productivity
  • Economical way of handling critical tasks.
  • Ability to push standards of growth and attain proficiency in profits
  • Allow better employee engagement and ideas.
  • Make tasks as well as employees more organized.



Productivity varies from business to business. However, the impact of shifting businesses from physical presence to virtual assistance was huge and significant. But employees are still struggling to keep their work and personal life balanced. Moreover, Pandemic being an important part of the micro external environment makes it a significant factor to affect the overall growth and development on different levels to almost every business if they don’t adapt with it.

You can cover the uneven curve of a dynamic environment, faulty managerial propensity, internal locus of control, non-organized employees, etc. By investing your time in the strategic alignment of your pertaining working models.




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