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From the research conducted by the HR Coach Research Institute, we can identify that businesses complete their processes using these following strategies:

  1. Create a Succession or Exit Strategy
  2. Create an Implementation Plan

The weakness observed in the usual practice of succession planning is that the process of managing succession is not necessarily well understood by managers or well linked to desired business objectives.

By understanding these “pressure points” in implementing a succession planning process, there are three stages to consider in order to create a more sustainable result in the long term.

Stage 1. Understand the Goal

Stage 2. Create a clear and solid 90 Day Plan

Stage 3. Implement the Internal Management Succession Plan

For a copy of the White Paper, please email corinne@tweakhr.com.au

Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Mean Profit
This White Paper is Ideal if:


  • You are a business owner keen to maximise performance and profitability
  • You are responsible for the people aspects in your business and you want to improve the business outcomes
  • You have invested heavily in employee satisfaction initiatives and now want to generate a greater return for the business
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