Harnessing employee culture through motivated work team

Harnessing Employee Culture through Motivated Work Team

All high performing teams are motivated to exceed (internal and external) customer expectations. Individual team members work hard to deliver on their own priority tasks everyday, as they do not want to let their work colleagues down. They are also motivated to help other teammates and work colleagues if others need a hand, and this occurs without instruction.


Team members are likely to be resilient, have a sense of humour and positivity even when difficulties arise, and genuinely know that no problem is too big for the team to handle. Motivated work teams naturally work well as a team. Motivated work teams are aligned with the business needs and work hard to meet or exceed expectations every day. They require very little supervision or instruction, although they do respond well to support and recognition of their combined efforts


HR Coach’s Australasian research shows that there are significant gaps between high and low performing businesses in the following specific area:


  • Motivated Work Team(Low Performing 64% v High Performing 78%)


This research shows that 5 key anchoring measures separate the employee culture of high performing businesses from other businesses in the market. Here are the keys to improve or demonstrate an employee culture consistent with high performing businesses.


The DiSC Workplace program will help to identify what motivates each team member, so that tasks and responsibilities are better allocated within the work team to maximise each employee’s self motivation.


2021 Harnessing Employee Culture

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