Harnessing Employee Culture through Teamwork

Harnessing Employee Culture through Teamwork

We have all heard or read that a great team will beat a group of great individuals, and we see the evidence of this in business every day. Fortunately, the ANZAC psyche seems pre-set to ‘help your mates first’, but first you need to understand the dynamics of each team.

Every team has an unofficial leader or leaders with a number of team members committed to follow their lead. Personalities, skills, experience and intelligence levels all impact on how the team fires. Spending time and effort getting team members to better appreciate the strengths and challenges of other team members will pay off quickly, if completed in a mature, transparent and open way.

Often the core ingredients of great teamwork are trust and respect. If these are missing you need to spend some time working out why they are missing and correct those shortcomings first. High performing teams need time to hit their peak, so it is also important to keep an aligned team together for the medium-term.

If you have a high performing team in your business, review why they succeed while other teams struggle. You may need to re-mix some teams to make your teams more balanced, to make them more effective.

HR Coach’s Australasian research shows that there are significant gaps between high and low performing businesses in the following specific area:

  • Teamwork (Low Performing 67% vs High Performing 81%)

This most recent research shows that 5 key anchoring measures separate the employee culture of high performing businesses from other businesses in the market. Here are the keys to improve or demonstrate an employee culture consistent with high performing businesses.

The DiSC Workplace program is a valid and reliable program to provide self awareness to employees around their natural style, while also educating employees on how to accept and improve their working relationships with work colleagues and accelerate quality teamwork.

2021 Harnessing Employee Culture

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