Fail to plan, Plan to fail

Fail To Plan, Plan to Fail

This saying is true in business.  Most businesses try to have a business strategy, however, many fail to successfully operationalise their plan so that it is implemented and regularly monitored.  Here are some questions we should all ask ourselves:

  • Does my business have a documented plan that details our goals each year?
  • Do we have quarterly, measurable outcomes that are β€˜owned’ by the people responsible for their outcomes?
  • Do we review our performance at least quarterly (preferably monthly) for all staff? 
  • Does everyone in our business understand our vision/mission and live our values daily?
  • Do we perform well perform well compared to other businesses in our industry?             

These questions are part of the balanced scorecard approach that Tweak HR uses to ensure that the businesses we work with have their activity aligned with their strategy.  For a Business Health Check, please contact us.

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