What is retention interview

What is a Retention Interview?

Tweak HR uses the Career Monitor tool for Retention Interviews.  It offers much more than a standard interview, it asks a series of open questions and ratings of the business and of themselves.  As a manager, you and your employee will be armed with specific information to gain a clear perspective on what is impacting the employee at both job and organisational level and will identify critical issues with a risk factor rating within 3, 6 and 12-month time frames. 

Retention Interviews:

•             Provide clear guidelines on how to retain the individual employee

•             Assist employees to own how they can contribute to the business

•             Provide a report with measurements and priorities to work on

•             Provide an individual risk rating

•             Results can be collated to give an overall organisational risk rating

Employees want Retention Interviews to ensure they are on track with their expectations, their environment and building their future.  They are a powerful and non-threatening way for employees to own their career.

The Career Monitor is a critical component to a Retention Interview and can also be used for:

•             Probation reviews,

•             Pre exit analysis

•             Key employee retention program

•             Annual survey as part of a HR Plan

Please contact Tweak HR for a copy of the White Paper  “The Business Case for Retention”.

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