why don't business tell

Why don’t businesses want to tell everyone about all the good things they do?

This is a great question!  We think there are a couple of reasons.  We get busy and don’t think to tell people about what we are doing from a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perspective.  We also think that we should be doing these things already.  If you fit one of these two categories, then you should ask:

  • Do we have a CSR strategy for our local community?
  • Do we operate in a manner that is ethical, legal and commercially sound with all our stakeholders in the community?
  • Does our local community recognise our business as a good corporate citizen?
  • Do we support our team and encourage them to perform volunteer work in the community?         

These questions are part of the balanced scorecard approach that Tweak HR uses to ensure that the businesses we work with have their activity aligned with their strategy. Click here for a free Business Health Check.

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