The Great Resignation – How Do You Retain Employees?

Employee retention involves keeping your employees motivated and engaged. We suggest that you highlight career opportunities within the organisation, making them feel like they’re a more significant part of the business, and that they can grow with it.

In addition, you should focus on motivation and engagement through fun activities that encourage employees to bond with one another. It’s always important that you help your employees understand why they’re a valuable part of the organisation, as this will make them feel like they have a place in the business.

Ultimately, improving employee retention is about keeping your employees happy. Therefore, we suggest that you use software to highlight career opportunities throughout the organisation, and use social networking tools to connect with your employees.

What are the 5 main drivers of employee retention?

The five key drivers of employee retention within the workplace are:

Workplace flexibility: Flexible working conditions help employees balance their work and personal lives, which in turn boosts morale. It’s also common for employees working later in their careers to look for flexible working conditions. Examples of this include the ability to work from home and to set their own hours.

Career development: Every employee wants to feel like they’re growing in their career, so it’s important that you provide them with the tools that will allow them to achieve their goals. The ideal employee retention software should take this into account and you should use it to help employees identify their career path within the organisation.

Good manager-employee relationship: Your managers must have a strong relationship with their employees, as this will lead them to feel like they’re part of the company. Encourage your managers to listen to what their employees say, and reward those who form strong bonds with their teammates. Employee retention software can help you measure this, giving you an insight into how your managers interact with their employees.

Employee benefits: Employee benefits are a great way of showing your employees that you appreciate them, so you must reward those working hard. When creating an employee retention plan, focus on benefits such as health insurance and retirement saving plans. You may also wish to offer flexible benefits, including time away from work and even sabbaticals.

Personalised employee experience: A personalised employee experience is an important part of employee engagement and it can go a long way towards keeping employees happy. Give your employees access to their personalised portal, which they can use to check their schedules and even pay invoices. Not only will this make them feel like a bigger part of the organisation, but it will also allow you to track how they’re spending their time at work.

Improve Employee Retention With Career Monitor

If you want to improve your employee retention rates, Career Monitor is the ideal choice for you. This will allow employees to identify their career path within the organisation and provide them with opportunities to achieve their goals. It also allows employers to track employees’ development through its comprehensive reporting tools.

It’s important that you provide your employees with opportunities for growth and Career Monitor will help you achieve that goal. It will give managers the insight they need to understand how their employees’ careers are progressing and it also allows employers to highlight career development opportunities within the organisation.

Career Monitor has been proven to boost productivity and it has been used by companies whose main goal is to reduce staff turnover rates. To find out more about our employee retention software, contact us today.

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