Is Your Performance Review Process Effective?

Almost every successful company has a performance review of some sort implemented within their HR department. A performance review is essentiallyΒ a meeting where someone from the HR or management team will sit down with their employee and run through the qualities and work that the employee is excelling in, and where they can make improvements.

Though performance reviews sound simple – they can often be far from it. If performance reviews aren’t approached correctly, an employee can feel attacked or deflated. If an employee feels attacked, they may react defensively to the feedback, and if they feel deflated they may feel as though the hard work they do for the company isn’t appreciated. This is why communicating effectively during a performance review is of utmost importance.

However, that’s often easier said than done – if you’re struggling to figure out how to communicate effectively with your employees and need some guidance, you’re in luck. We’ve put together 61 phrases that can be used in your next performance review meeting with an employee.

What are performance reviews?

A performance review can come in many forms. However, it’s essentially when feedback is delivered to an employee or business in an attempt to improve performances on both ends.

Some companies use a continuous feedback model, like an app, where feedback can be submitted to both management and employees whenever the need arises. But, the most common form of a performance review is when, during the review process, a member of the HR department or management and an employee either discuss their shortcomings and expectations in a meeting, or in a pre written form and then conduct a meeting to speak through it afterward.

Constructive feedback should be shared by both parties in a performance review. The benefit of an effective performance review is to increase employee engagement and learn how work ethic and productivity can be improved. During the performance review process, the reviewer will usually talk through the employee’s job description and share negative and positive feedback.

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