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Our own research of Australasian businesses over the last 10 years shows that employee satisfaction results are skewed more positively than business performance or employer satisfaction results, and are less relevant or aligned when businesses are not performing to expectations or not achieving their business goals.

The research suggests that business owners may not actually be communicating effectively with employees when businesses are low or average performing. The risk in these circumstances is that employees will be enjoying working with their work mates, potentially at the expense of being focussed on what could deliver the best performance results for the business.

When businesses become high performing, employee satisfaction appears to marginally lag the company alignment and performance numbers.

Download the Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Mean Profit White Paper if:

  • You are a business owner keen to maximise your business performance and profitability
  • You are responsible for the people aspects in your business and you want to improve the business outcomes
  • You have invested heavily in employee satisfaction initiatives and now want toΒ  generate a greater return for the business

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