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Research released by Harvard Business School identified the importance of employee engagement, while also finding that less than 50% of companies actually measured engagement against performance.

Once you accept that employee engagement (rather than satisfaction) counts, you need to understand what to actually count. This research also identified the following most impactful engagement drivers that businesses need to focus on to improve business performance:

  • Alignment across all levels of the business and between departments in the business
  • Communication across and between all levels of the business
  • Recognition for High Performers
  • Jobs Linked to Strategy
  • Assessments and Reviews Aligned with Corporate Goals
  • Pay Linked to Corporate Goal Achievement
  • Training focused on Corporate Goals

You now have a better idea on employee engagement and alignment, and their drivers.

Research by MIT/Sloan Management Review identified 5 dimensions that all count towards securing or maintaining high levels of engagement and alignment within a business. Employee satisfaction contributed only 25% of these results. The other 75% of engagement results relate to alignment and performance measures, which have often been overlooked or not measured by businesses.

Download the Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Mean Profit White Paper if:

  • You are a business owner keen to maximise your business performance and profitability
  • You are responsible for the people aspects in your business and you want to improve the business outcomes
  • You have invested heavily in employee satisfaction initiatives and now want toΒ  generate a greater return for the business

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