Management Effectiveness Matters

Management Effectiveness Matters

If the management team doesn’t work effectively then someone has to fill the performance gap. If it’s the business owner filling this performance gap, their focus inevitability becomes daily management, when they should be focussed on growing or working on their business. If owners and executives are filling gaps rather than lifting the performance of their management team, then the teams performance will suffer. In some cases you may even see a downward spiral. As a starting point a few questions to pose on the efficiency of your management team might be; 

1.  Do they work as a team? 

2.  Are they aligned to the strategic direction? 

3.  Does each manager understand their management style? If the answer is no, consider programs to ensure managers understand their own strengths and challenges around vision/alignment and execution.

Are you a business owner who wants your business to stay or become a high performing business? Or part of a management team looking for ways to make your business more effective and successful? Or a professional who wants to genuinely understand the Australasian management culture drivers to lift business performance? If so, the HR Coach Research Institute’s White Paper on Management Culture is for you.

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