Business Acumen

Business Acumen

Managers make decisions every day that have a financial impact on a business. The allocation of resources, the prioritising of work tasks, and the focus on quality and customer service all have a cost and potential return, while rework, missed deadlines and wastage all have a negative cost on a business.

Managers need to communicate and explain the constraints that impact their decision making, so that their work teams are better informed and motivated to propose and support solutions that will deliver a better outcome for the business. Communication is again core to Manager’s being able to demonstrate their business acumen and arrive at solutions that ensure sustainability and profitability of the business.

Are you a business owner who wants your business to stay or become a high performing business? Or part of a management team looking for ways to make your business more effective and successful? Or a professional who wants to genuinely understand the Australasian management culture drivers to lift business performance? If so, the HR Coach Research Institute’s White Paper on Management Culture is for you.

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