How to Build a Culture That Cultivates Resilience

As leaders, you want your people to thrive in adversity. You want to grow their physical, mental and emotional skills. You want your team and people to work and connect with empathy. And you want the passion and flow that inspires creative and meaningful work.

Building resilience in culture is all about steering your people away from focussing on risks and doubts and directing them towards the flow and inspiration that helps them do amazing things.

Regardless of whether you want to lift your engagement, physical well-being, emotional skills or mental skills, building a resilient culture is really very important.

According to a recent article from Harvard Business Review, The Secret to Building Resilience: “We can nurture and build our resilience through a wide variety of interactions with people in our personal and professional lives. These interactions can help us to shift or push back on work demands and alter the magnitude of the challenge we’re facing. They can help crystalize the meaningful purpose in what we are doing or help us see a path forward to overcome a setback — these are the kinds of interactions that motivate us to persist.”

Many people believe that adversities and challenging situations are necessary to build resilience. Setbacks and challenges help us rediscover ourselves and build new skills that help us get through tough situations. While these experiences are important, what really helps when the going gets tough is the quality of relationships that you have with other people – both in your personal life and in your workplace.

The strength of relationships you have within your team determines how resilient your team is. But, how could you, as a leader, can build an optimistic and strong organisational culture?

Firstly, each and every employee within your organisation should be self-aware about their own behaviours, thought patterns, and mental state. By self-reflecting, they can find out about the areas and the skills that they need to improve upon to work more effectively with their peers.

It’s hard to determine which social and emotional skills someone needs to improve upon and there is no specific process to identify them. This is where a well-developed tool like Everything DISC can help.

Everything DISC is a self-development learning framework that helps people with social and emotional know-how for increased self-awareness and more effective relationships.

Everything DISC is built on the foundations and principles of the DISC model, which have four main behavioural types: dominance, influence, steadiness and conscientiousness. Identifying and understanding your own DISC style is just one piece of the puzzle. But when you take this knowledge and put it into action, that is when things will start to change dramatically.

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When you care about your organisational culture and the personal development of your employees, you will surely build a strong company that can withstand and ace through the tough times.

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