Harnessing Employee Culture

Harnessing Employee Culture

Every business wants to be a high performer – and every business leader knows that it is the people in their business that either make it happen or … not. Businesses are frequently trying to get their teams to work more effectively, to improve production and profit – and many invest in ‘teamwork training’ to help to achieve business goals.

In 2018 HR Coach’s research identified what separates high performers from the low performers in business. They looked at the data of more than 700 small to medium Australasian businesses who had completed a business assessment that they knew was valid and reliable. They then crunched the numbers across a range of cross-referenced measures to ensure that the real anchors and gems could be found.

In 2019 they decided to go deeply into the results, which reflected specifically on business culture. That research confirmed that management culture (including the behaviour of the business owner) ultimately drives employee culture, and subsequently, business performance.

They have now worked through the research on the best drivers/indicators for employee culture, as our research continues to reinforce the significant link between employee culture and business success. This White Paper is ideal if:

  • You are a business owner who wants your business to remain a high performer or to become one;
  • You are part of a management team looking for ways to make your business more effective and successful; or
  • You are a professional who wants to genuinely understand the Australasian employee culture drivers to lift the performance of your business.

This report and all of its components are protected by copyright. No part my be reproduced or copied without the prior written consent or HR Coach Australasia Intuitively, we know that culture drives performance. We can all identify businesses that have a ‘good’ culture, and those that have a ‘bad’ culture. This assessment is often based on single points of interaction with people from a business, i.e., the behaviour of anyone/everyone in a business who we deal with, help us to assess the culture of that business. HR Coach also knows from its work with more than 4,000 small to medium enterprises (SME’s) in the market over the last 15 years, that most business owners and managers struggle to identify or articulate what the core cultural drivers are for their business. More disturbingly, they also can’t tell whether their own cultural drivers actually help or hinder their business’s performance and their success.

So let’s look at what the numbers tell us about management and workplace culture.

Data from 304 Australasian Businesses since 2015

  • There was a 17% gap between low and high performing businesses in terms of strategic alignment and company performance.
  • There was a similar 17% gap in management culture results between low and high performing businesses, which indicates that if businesses want to improve their strategic alignment and performance, they need to lift management culture and performance.
  • Workplace culture results trended consistently above management culture results, i.e.. Some teams work well, despite their managers, but great team results only exist when there are great managers.
  • Lifting manager and employee culture results will improve labour performance and in return the business while reducing wastage and turnover.
  • Employers in high performing businesses are 29% more satisfied with the strategic alignment and performance of their business, showing that there is a positive exponential return for business if they can get the management culture right.
  • Business owners need to lead by example to support changes and improvements in the culture of the business, as it is core to the sustainability and profitability of their business.

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