dropping the ball

When You’ve Dropped The Ball

Oh no! I’ve dropped the ball. What now?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Is it okay to drop balls? What do I do now?

We have such high expectations of ourselves and never think that we would ever drop a ball, yet we watch our favourite sports and elite athletes miss goals, kicks, tries and shots regularly.

What do we say when they miss their shot? We probably curse and then move on quickly, waiting for their next opportunity, the next thing that they are going to do.

So why don’t we do that with ourselves? When we miss a shot or drop a ball, why don’t we try to learn from the experience and move on to the next opportunity?

dropping the ball

I encourage you all to each day identify the top 3 balls that you cannot drop and commit to catching those.

I also encourage you to give yourself permission to drop 3 balls a day. Acknowledge that you dropped the ball, maybe even curse, learn from it, move on to the next ball that you need to catch.

What are your practical tips for identifying which balls to catch and which to let drop?

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