How to Build A Strong Company Culture

Not For Profits: How to Build A Strong Company Culture

It can be difficult to keep employees safe, dedicated, and fulfilled in the every-changing sector of not-for-profit (NFP) business, but there are simple steps you can take to increase your chances of building a strong company culture.

The Problems

With decreased donations, fewer volunteers, greater competition for funding, and little to no remuneration for emotional and politically charged work, happy and loyal employees can be hard to find, let alone retain.

Large companies can easily provide on-site cafes, gyms, or the latest technology to keep their employees smiling, but what can you do on a tight budget?

Increase Support

A clear mission or purpose is no longer enough to keep employees engaged, especially when money is tight and demands are high. Increasing your staff support will pay huge dividends in building a strong company culture. Here are a few ideas to support your staff better:

  • praise your staff for what they do well.
  • delegate tasks based on individual strengths.
  • revamp your safety and well-being practices.
  • provide opportunities for personal development.
  • clarify the mission and ask employees for ideas.

Be An Open Leader

It’s easy to share your goals with your staff, but after you’ve done that, give them the freedom and encouragement to play devil’s advocate, looking for potential flaws and pitfalls so you can address them at the outset.

Leading your employees in problem-solving is a fantastic way to build engagement and loyalty. If they’re part of the solution, they’re far more likely to stick with the game plan.

Prioritize Workplace Safety

Work-related injuries are devastating not just to the bottom line of your not-for-profit, but also to the moral of your employees.

By making the safety of your employees a priority, you communicate to them that they matter to you and affirms that no task, no matter how urgent, is worth doing in an unsafe manner.

Workplace Safety Areas to Consider:

  • preventative mental health education
  • first aid training
  • preventative mental health strategies
  • recovery support
  • risk assessment

Value All Communication

Welcome both positive and negative feedback from your employees. If you’re only hearing the positive, you’re missing out on vital insights, creative solutions, and excellent opportunities for growth.

Nurturing a no-blame space is vital for ensuring staff feel safe to share suggestions and grievances alike.

Building a strong company culture within the constraints of the NHP sector can be daunting, but with increased support, open leadership, a safe workplace, and willingness to hear all feedback, it becomes much easier.

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