If you want to stay or become a high performing business, you need to measure the right things

Employee satisfaction counts for 25% of your business’s performance, but it is not enough – and if that is your only focus it is unlikely to maximise your profit performance. Of course, many businesses are not even measuring employee satisfaction – so these businesses really have a great opportunity to measure and focus on the items that will genuinely make a difference to both their business and their future profit.

The evidence is overwhelming. Business owners really need to be thinking about measuring engagement and alignment (and culture), as these are core to understanding where their business is, and what the potential for improvement could mean for the business. They also need to implement positive engagement and alignment strategies, tactics and activities into their business to close any gaps and strengthen areas of success on an ongoing basis. These initiatives could take some time to materially impact the business, particularly as they need to be led by the leaders, managers and supervisors in the business.

Download the Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Mean Profit White Paper if:

  • You are a business owner keen to maximise your business performance and profitability
  • You are responsible for the people aspects in your business and you want to improve the business outcomes
  • You have invested heavily in employee satisfaction initiatives and now want to  generate a greater return for the business

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