Harnessing Employee Culture through Customer Focus

Harnessing Employee Culture through Customer Focus

All employees need to have a strong customer focus, irrespective of whether they service or support internal or external customers. The customer experience is predicated on all their touchpoints of the organisation, so any weak link has the potential to negatively impact on the customer experience.

The key is to ensure that all employees (and their managers) are aligned with delivering exceptional customer service that exceeds expectations.

Systems, policies, procedures and delegated authorities must support that alignment/focus, ensuring that decisions by front-line employees are effective and efficient when responding to both internal and external customers.

Client engagement is the outcome of a strong, aligned customer focus, and our research has shown that this can only be achieved if employees, managers and business owners are aligned on the key service deliverables to customers.

HR Coach’s Our Australasian research shows that there are significant gaps between high and low performing businesses in the following specific area:

  • Customer Focus (Low Performing 71% v High Performing 84%)

This recent research shows that 5 key anchoring measures separate the employee culture of high performing businesses from other businesses in the market.

Here are the keys to improve or demonstrate an employee culture consistent with high performing businesses.

Employees need to work with managers and supervisors to ensure that all processes are understood and aligned with delivering exceptional (internal and external) customer outcomes. Employees need to be recognised when they deliver exceptional customer outcomes.

The HR Coach STAR and/or Client Engagement programs help to identify and improve customer outcomes for the business.

STAR Workplace Program – Everything You Need To Know in 2021

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