Culture Drives Performance

Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Mean Profit

Many HR professionals and business advisors maintain that high levels of employee satisfaction are core to business success and performance. They live and breathe the mantra that ‘happy employees drive business success’ and encourage and direct managers and owners to ‘make employees happier… and your business will succeed’.

We have struggled with this concept for many years, as we have thought that this simplistic view appears inconsistent with both international research and our own Australasian research. We have finally focused our research efforts on determining the significance or otherwise of employee satisfaction on company performance and profit.

The key finding is that employee satisfaction is not the driver of business profit. The research is overwhelming – employee engagement and alignment drives business performance and profit. Employee satisfaction is simply a necessary component of employee engagement – and alignment is actually core to business success.

Download the Employee Satisfaction Doesn’t Mean Profit White Paper if:

  • You are a business owner keen to maximise your business performance and profitability
  • You are responsible for the people aspects in your business and you want to improve the business outcomes
  • You have invested heavily in employee satisfaction initiatives and now want to  generate a greater return for the business

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