Employee Engagement Survey – What Questions Should you Ask? – Part 3

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Many people often ask what questions you should ask your employees, this article provides some questions that resonate with your team members.

8) Do you feel comfortable putting forward ideas in the workplace?

In order to be happy in a workplace, an employee should feel respected. If they don’t feel comfortable putting forward ideas in the workplace, their satisfaction is likely to be lower than it could be.

After all, when it comes to work, there is little worse than not feeling like a respected part of the team. keeping employees involved and hearing their ideas is a great way to make them feel involved.

9) Do you feel that the company cares about your overall health and wellbeing?

Knowing that your company cares about your overall health and well-being will let your employees know that you care about them as a human- and not just a worker. This should increase employee retention, as well as productivity

10) Do you see a path for advancing your career at our company?

Climbing the career ladder – and getting promoted – is usually an important factor for any employee who is serious about their job. Making sure that employees have a clear vision about how they can do this and what is required to receive a promotion is a great way to encourage employee engagement and encourage hard work.

11) Are you content with your current renumeration and job benefits?

Asking employees how they feel about their job benefits and current remuneration is a good way to keep staff members happy and lessen turnover rates. If results indicate that a large number of employees aren’t happy with the current remuneration and/or job benefits, then employers can analyze the current offerings and decide whether an adjustment is worthwhile in an effort to improve an employee experience.

12) How would you describe your job in 3 words?

Asking this will provide you and your management with an overall view or what employees think about the workplace, which will provide management with information regarding whether changes need to be made.

13) Do you feel you have enough time for breaks and sufficiently eat, and hydrate?

General well-being and health are extremely important, and all employers should take this into consideration for their employees.

If an employee’s mental or physical health is compromised, it should be addressed immediately.

For example, ensuring that employees have enough breaks for meal times is an essential element in keeping them productive and feeling well and happy around the workplace.

14) Do you believe in the approach management is taking to achieve company objectives?

It’s extremely important to ensure that employees feel comfortable expressing their grievances – even if this means criticizing the workplace or management.

This question gives employees the opportunity to express what they think could be done to make the company better. After all, who else will know the job better than the person doing it day in and day out?

15) Is there anything else you would like to add?

 This is an open-ended question which goes great at the end of the survey to give the employee an extra chance to voice a concern that they may not have expressed with the above questions.

Having these insights about your staff gives invaluable information that can be utilized in order to run a better business.  For more information, please contact Tweak HR.

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